Friday, 19 August 2016

Anti-Escortists and Anti-Semitists are against Pleasure, Joy and Satisfaction

Be it the Ancient, Medieval or Modern times, the escort business has always been persecuted. This only proves the utility and significance of this industry in our opinion and most probably in yours too.

Just ask yourself this question "Why has the industry survived tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of years even when it has always been persecuted?"

The society has always been interested in persecuting things which gives joy and satisfaction. Look at the stupid marriage rituals, I haven't seen anybody ever criticising them, or the funeral rituals, and the list is endless. The society feels very much alive when it does the stuff which gives no joy and boredom. It feels dead when it avails any joy, satisfaction and freedom.

Look at the Jews also, they are the most intelligent people in the world. They have also always been persecuted. We cannot imagine the world as it is today without their contributions.

The people who still criticise the Jews, do it using the technology and inventions done by the Jews themselves. How dumb! Can there be anything dumber than this?

The same way, the people who criticise the escorts industry by telling it is not good for you to buy companionship for a price are the people who visit our escorts the most in private and criticise them in public. Perhaps, they do not want you to know about their best kept secret.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Escortism gotta be stopped, people who are behind it are the biggest hypocrites ever.